The utter need to tackle “TROLL” new edits.


Here we are!! almost with the uncertainty of ” will, we defeat this pandemic or it will swallow us”. Well, I don”t think about living or being dead any time it just flow should be continuous. Now, it isn’t only challenges (a genuine one) we face everyday, you must be thinking what else !! my friend that is “TROLL”..Yes, since the past 3 years the trend of trolling someone on the internet (jaal) became the daily meal for many people. and for these people which includes both educated and uneducated(those without future or wasting time or doing shit etc) path of gaining importance and showing off their attitude or thinking of many ways to tease someone..

I’ll be honest at some point i did it too but, was lucky to escape the cage.   

If you haven’t had this delightful experience yet, you will sooner or later. Technology is maturing faster than we are, so Internet trolls have become a fact of life.

 Recalling a writer’s experience in which they said, “When my first article was published e-gremlins called me a jobless, spoiled, trust-fund baby. I was pegged as a psychotic, shitty writer, who’s only ever written sub-par, self-published novels and articles.

We all know that trolls aren’t polite. They spew smoke and hurl fire. Their words leave you blistered, red and peeling, but as you slowly heal, your skin becomes tougher and your scars fade.

 Internet trolls sit on their high horses mulling over individual, tiny, fetishized details. Trolls see parts. They don’t add up all of the facts. They don’t picture their victim as a whole person who they can crush mentally, physically, or spiritually. It’s not that they can’t see the whole. They’re in a privileged position, so they don’t have any reason to think about it.

They lack real-life stimulation, so they get their fix by targeting you online. It’s pathetic, but trolls are deeply insecure. When you respond to their words it gives their life meaning.

They’re attention whores. Trolls want to be center stage. They drooling at the mouth hoping you’ll tweet their comments to your followers or that’ll you write a juicy blog post about just how “dumb” they are. Short of murdering your mother, they’ll do everything and anything they can to get you to react.

Nowadays memes are trending a lot in which a person puts their perspective and the one who doesn’t like it either disagree or troll him/her. well, trolling is most common.

Below are some ways to tackling them…if you are in a kinda situation-

1.)Kill with kindness.

2.)Ignore’em. (sometimes tough but get on with it)

3.)laugh it off.

4.)Embrace them.

5.)block them!! (the simplest one).

The only thing you should consider is that you don’t try to be one of them because you don’t know whose life you’re affecting. By life, I mean this-

Charlotte Dawson commits suicide following extreme trolling.

This incident occurred in 2014.

Sup, won’t take much of your time just wanna say-

keep your cool. With the ways, and for the reasons, I explained above.

5 thoughts on “The utter need to tackle “TROLL” new edits.

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  1. @SECRETTHOUGHTS Glad to hear it.
    Just so you know , our visitors can send their queries and opinions through contact box within menu.
    We’re happy to help always.

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  2. Wow! This is spot on! You make some great points here and you describe trolls exactly what they are- insecure life losers who get their self-importance from trolling others online and trying to get them to react. Awesome post, Tanishq!

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