“The Scenarios of awkward automation”

I’ve always kept myself away with the idea of being one of these miracle stupidities--1st- Driving under the influence.2nd- Being under the influence. Lemme talk about the first one-DUI is a famous term, but it isn’t used universally.After being a citizen of the country with one of the highest road accident death rates, I don't... Continue Reading →

Breaching the unconcerned “Info”

Despise to say this but, the need of the hour is being compromised by other subjects which are anecdotal & pointless.  Care now. It's not complicated. Dear aliens, strangers & my fellow bloggers with Non-IT foundations, you must’ve tuned in to different news & social media posts claiming the breach of user’s information/data from different... Continue Reading →

12 Snaps, Manifestïng The “Two Decades”

Snap-You’re in school memorizing the definition of "affection" and the whole class goes in synchrony--“by the people, for the people, of the philosopher”. The teacher gives a candy & you’re happy. You ate it.The only difference is that friend beside you isn’t getting any. Perished greenery TIMELINE..... Snap-As time passes you sensate that the teacher... Continue Reading →

Rich thoughts & Poor arguments. (wanted to share something & found this in the draft)

Lawyer & Thief: The only difference between both of them is that one doesn’t know the law enough & becomes a criminal & one knows the law too much to prove that his client is not a criminal. (Not in every case though) But, stepping up for the family is most important even if you know... Continue Reading →

Victim of advertisements:::=

Well uhh, is there anything you people don’t know regarding advertisement?  Guess not. But! Let me present some awkward instances.  1. Wrong timing:- You’re studying from your laptop. A website is providing you the info related to your studies. Your parents know that you’re studying. The moment they enter your room, an ugly(sexual, cartoon, violent, etc.)... Continue Reading →

Revelation Of Excessive Information.

Just because the human brain can store up to 2.5 million gigabytes of digital information doesn’t mean that you’ll crave every single available one.  We inhale quite a decent amount of information. The easy availability of the Internet has made it easy to acquire every info regarding many-many things. Now, there’s nothing wrong but actually, there is. ... Continue Reading →

WHat’s up with reddit?

I've dabbled in a variety of community platforms. Tumbler, Reddit, Quora, Discord, and other social media platforms are available. Every platform performs admirably in a variety of ways. I'm sure everyone who reads this knows something about these.One platform that fiercely grabbed my attention is “REDDIT”It's a hub of reader information that other individuals can... Continue Reading →

Hey, folks. It’s twenty ’22. ~ Tanishq.

Very warm welcome everyone. This is Tanishq Abhi Gupta. Hope you & your family are enjoying the new year beginning as much as an 8-year-old kid. I wish every one of you all health & happiness. The past year was a roller coaster ride. At least for me. I Uh created various blogs which were... Continue Reading →

Hodling the false dip.

If you’re able to see this post in your WP reader then I still am worthy. HeHe. So, there’s a lot to talk about but, we’ll keep it short (I’ll).  Currently, there is a hype going around which is defined as “INVEST”  You guys already know there are two major places to lose your hard-earned... Continue Reading →

huh…. to be deleted soon.

It's been too long.. I want to write so much but I can't.. don't know why... what's happening to me.. Maybe this is a start...... time is just assumed simulation .....

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