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Tanishq Abhi Gupta here. “Abhi” is a nickname, not my middle name. I’m 21 years old. To be honest, I turned 22 this year and am still trying to embrace the reality that I am now 22. I’m an IT (Web developer) student with a decent amount of knowledge. I, uhh, juggle quite a few things. I usually write blog posts about various technologies, their applications, social media platforms, and their varied characteristics. I attempt to raise awareness about a variety of issues and how to address them(privacy). Most of my blogs are written in a friendly and humorous tone, making them easier to understand for non-techies. Later on, I’ll reveal a philosophical aspect of my life.

For the time being, read my blogs while eating Doritos and ketchup. Finally, I’d like to mention that I can’t hear a thing against ketchup. It’s 5% of my consciousness.

In case you wanna collaborate or discuss anything, feel free to reach out-

Email: tanishqgupta437@gmail.com

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