the imbroglio awkwardness towards your path

“Sup, how are you?.” At present this is the worst question you can ask your relatives and friends because even if 99% of them aren’t fine they will say “oh good you?”. So this is a general ideology of people to hide their issues. Not bcoz they don’t want help but because it will make them inferior. Well uhh is it?.

Now, speaking of present days (whoever reading this line) all of us are opening our refrigerator at least 20 times a day out of which 15 times our conscience made us do it.
Till now I haven’t talked about the thing that is most luxuriant in the world right now. OKAY, let me utter this sinful word “COVID 19”. You know anyone who was able to replace this word on news channels in the past 3 months had achieved everything in life or I must say something special.
UMM..sometimes I’m out of words coz I’m hungry right now. “Gonna open my refrigerator haha”.

Speaking of covid19, we are now familiar with the word quarantine which does no good to our mental health.
There are plenty of times in our lives where we have a lot of unfortunate things or stressful things happening all at the same time. That makes us feel depressed, but it also can change our brain and how our brain works. Even I am also suffering from some kinda thing you know related to friends or more than friends.
Make sure that you’re getting adequate sleep, and good(lot) food. Umm, I won’t include exercise coz I know you people are kinda (haha) lazy buttery ready!.
As we’re adjusting to this new normal, it’s okay to take some time to think about your feelings and regroup emotionally. But habitually retreating from friends and loved ones is a common depression symptom, whether due to lacking the energy it takes to put up a “happy face,” guilt over feeling low, or feeling that friends and family aren’t interested.
So, at last, I would say watch memes and if by any chance you have some dispute with your “more than a friend” try ignoring them(I know this isn’t a bit of good advice but, at a time like this the more you think about the one who isn’t near you will take you down in deep overthinking.) and uhh watch some tv-series Mr/Mrs/miss/master (DUDE).
Thanking you.
Tanishq Gupta.
INSTAGRAM- @caring_illusion
SNAPCHAT- @son_ofguptaji
TWITTER- @tanishqgupta437

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