Inclination of “COPYRIGHT”

“Word is that they utilized one line of our script/code/tune” Are you certain?
“Sure as fallen angel’s presence!” answered somebody. Ooh..lets f**ing sue them

Sometimes it’s quite difficult for me to grasp the fact that how tough it is to build your understanding/thought towards the project you’re taking a shot at but, with someone else’s , you perform miracles!

I expect that each and every individual who is perusing this blog is familiar with the word- “COPYRIGHT”.

“Copyright is a legal means of protecting someone’s work. It is a type of intellectual property that provides exclusive publication, distribution, and usage rights for the creator. That means whatever content the individual created cannot be used or published by anyone else without the consent of the creator/individual/author”.

I ain’t gonna talk history and facts but views & thoughts.

Anyway, what was the deal?
What made individuals imagine that we shouldn’t let anybody duplicate/modify our work?

Well, this ideology was born way before the modern world but still, interest wasn’t so high even then.

As I would like to think, there are two things with respect to copyright at which we should put some light on-

1)- When someone invents/write/compose(tone)/reasearch something.

2)- When someone starts business(food,meds,IT and so forth..anything) with a particular “NAME”.

It’s entirely evident that uhh a “NAME” which is being utilized to run a specific firm/business Or anything identified with that, ought to be copyrighted coz it’s a (I’m having tough time) “SENTENCE” which was created randomly by an individual and used it for some kinda startup which got succeed.

Say – Asus, Dominos, Microsoft, Reliance and uhh sky is the limit xd)
In the event, if someone uses these names within their business without the consent of the owner then they ought to be punished accordingly BUT, the issue here is that apart from “NAME” things like – research, pictures, plans, programming, clinical equations etc and each damn thing you can envision is being copyrighted.

I mean “IMAGES”? There are many copyrighted images that were taken from woods or valleys and no one can utilize them in legal work without authorization or permit.

It resembles denying somebody from utilizing an asset for their work which is originating from nature and in fact ought to be for public usage regardless of who claims it.

Well, that above was my genuine belief and I ain’t saying that I am against the entire law yet, don’t you think that there should be limitations?

While scrolling through a website I read various perspective-

In favor-
A)- Copyright laws fail at they’re intended purpose of inspiring creativity, They fail to protect the holder in that they deny them from selling their own product that they worked hard to make. They did not steal, They made something. Just because Iron is used in one sculpture does not mean it cannot be used in another. Throwing away a piece of art, Just because of it taking inspiration from another is ridicules.

B)- My opinion is. . . First crush up those meaningless laws. . Because god has created man to use and evolve ideas, Creativity and more. . . But who are these mean creatures to make laws on electronic words and languages? ! While the nature has the supreme laws and codes for all beings?

C)- There is no reason to encourage a generation who posses a false sense of entitlement to free content over the Internet. Copyright owners should not be deprived of the basic rights to claim ownership to works they have created. By eliminating copyright right laws altogether, it diminishes the incentive to create and innovate, knowing that your work can be copied without being attributed.

d)-Copyright laws allow people to protect their ideas and own creations rather than get them stolen and sold of as their own work. It protects people making it do more good than it does harm. Yes at times it may cause certain individuals more problems, but overall the intention isn’t bad.

As you can see there are many different thoughts regarding…..this topic.

Currently I’m working on a web dev. project and to be honest I used 20% of code from a web template which definitely was copyrighted and required developer consent.

So it is what it is.

This copyright thing also rises one more question that how much change is necessary to remove the danger of getting sued? (Will post in another blog)

So, what do you think about this?


Have a good time ahead….

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  1. It is hard to read terms and conditions and privacy policy of difference web and application because they make it difficult to understand and too lengthy.
    A healthy environment should be created. Copyright laws that empowers the creator should be made.

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