Breaching the unconcerned “Info”

Despise to say this but, the need of the hour is being compromised by other subjects which are anecdotal & pointless. 

i don't care right now gif.
Care now. It’s not complicated.

Dear aliens, strangers & my fellow bloggers with Non-IT foundations, you must’ve tuned in to different news & social media posts claiming the breach of user’s information/data from different companies.

 “Don’t please, If you don’t mind don’t! Don’t press the back or close icon yet” Look, I get it. These things appear boring & why shouldn’t they?

You guys are doing your jobs, planning for the future, handling awful kids (apologies), stress, anxiety & a hell lot of more. Then why you should be the one to care for these things? Why not those programmers or ethical specialists working within the organization? 

Most importantly, why not these various companies? 

I’ll make it quick `~` Companies don’t give a damn about your privacy or data. They give it to other to others and earn revenue. But, they do it in a governed manner or I should say enough to not get imprisoned. (More in See last 2 paras.)

I know that this data is what is used to market things to people, so I can’t be totally against it, but it’s still kind of scary to think about how many strangers or unauthorized companies can know far too much about you, even if you are a safe, responsible person online.

Now, breaching happens when a hacker attack on servers, gets into the database(not physically) & gains some encrypted data. He/she decrypts it & wallha… your IP address, mobile no, home address, email-id & much more are compromised

that's just a little bit creepy gif.

Companies like Facebook, Big basket, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, True caller & the list goes on are more vulnerable even after hiring the best cybersecurity specialists. 

Hackers put your credentials on the dark web for sale. 

(What is the dark web? Dark web)

Why you should believe me? See below image–

This is the data of over 5 crore Indians and the USA. It consists of IP address, mobile no, home address, name, and email. Enough to exploit or harm anyone up to a certain level which no one can undo.

It was breached 2 months ago & was listed as one of the highest breaches 

I can provide some identities of those who suffered from these but, that’s really sensitive content. (Mail me if you want)

Ultimate solution– My utmost request to everyone- Stop using true caller. It’s for the best. Reason True caller wondering

Whenever you install an app in which you have to put your address, try not to put the exact house number if it isn’t official work. 

Don’t use a clear profile pic. Make it blurry regardless of any application you use. 

Don’t click on any random popup or link. 

If you’re a parent then always keep a close look at what your children are browsing or whom they’re talking to if they’re minors. 

There are ways to keep track of your child’s activities without letting them know. 

Interested? Mail me. I’ll provide you the instructions pdf. (There is a difference between caring and invading child’s privacy)

Remember~ PRIVACY theft is like a biological virus. You may think that it won’t happen to you but man!! It will if you don’t take precautions

I’ve tried to make this post as simple as possible and easier to understand. Hope you’ll learn and apply at least a single change of what’s listed.

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54 thoughts on “Breaching the unconcerned “Info”

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  1. Thanks for such good advice, many of which I’ve been violating for a long time. No wonder I often have this haunting feeling that my computer is somehow being watched by a hacker thousands of miles away.

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  2. Stopped using true caller years back because of a data breach.
    It is so so freaky how hackers have so many avenues to get our data. The other day I got a fake payment request (for a small amount) on my ID with my dad’s correct details mentioned in the bill i.e. Name, Phone, Email – which had me thinking for a second that it may be correct – thankfully I crosschecked with him and turns out it was a scam!

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  3. That’s somehow true for many of us. Often we neglect the most basics to protect ourselves from cybercrime which involves tons of things. Remember to cover pc camera for no reason.
    Appreciate your thoughts haoyando.
    Have a good day ahead.

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  4. True caller is the most vulnerable app as it lacks security standards along with many others.

    You run an online store, moksha. Your info is accessible to many people. I suggest to you keep your heads up every time & especially take a close look at payments info.
    We often make mistakes when we’re in rush.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Have a good day ahead.


  5. I guess there is nothing left to not be private as social medias have conquered the minds and are doing there biz with an enormous amount of revenue.
    Nice informative post.

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  6. Well, there’s always something left to protect. We can’t control the robbery but we can control the security.
    Same way, we can control how much info we provide to these organizations.
    We can limit our online companion hover as low as conceivable or by playing smart by the methods I listed.
    Thanks, Kritika.
    Much appreciated.

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  7. This is such an amazing article Abhi, very much informative truely an eye opener n must read. I would wudh this great share must reach to millions of innocent people who uses the internet from all over the world.

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  8. 💜 A Wise Woman said words to this effect to Me; if YOU!!! take on Imposed Obligation then YOU!!! ARE FUCKED!!! and NOT!!! in a Good Way


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  9. Thank you so much suma for your kind words of appreciation ☺️.
    This post was specifically for those with non-tech background. Hope it helps everyone in many ways.
    Have a great time ahead.


  10. This is an excellent post TanishQ (my keyboard has saved your name with the capital Q😛)…so useful to increase awareness with some useful tips to prevent information breach to some extent…but then that’s so difficult considering that these days we live digital footprint all over the web and hacking has become so easy and sadly a reality of modern times…do post more on the dark web…this is one thing that really intrigues me. 👍🏻👍🏻

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  11. That’s for sure.
    However, it’s not true that these giant companies can’t stop the breach with all the resources available, they just don’t want to.
    The effort is not enough. And with all that, it’s on us to protect ourselves as much as we can.
    I’ve already written a post on the “dark web” last year. The link is just below the GIF within the blog.
    Really appreciate you for saving my name. Lol.
    Thanks for the appreciation.
    Have a marvelous day ahead.

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  12. 💜 EveryBody KNOWS!!! what EveryOne Else is Up To; ergo “Privacy” is a Crazy 3DIllusion



  13. This is definitely a crime and serious issue. Stealing personal details and using them for god knows what can make any person nervous. It’s like you’re on display. Who to trust, what to click, what not to fill out. It’s essential to be careful. Thanks for simplifying it. Great post! 🙂

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  14. Stealing anything was a crime back in the 90s. At present, it’s a business. A cybercrime business.
    By this post, I wanted every one of my non-IT blogger/user friends to get some basic details in order to protect themselves to an extent.
    The images I attached clearly show the user’s data exploitation.

    I’m glad you find this post helpful.
    Thank you & have a good time ahead.

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  15. Certain sites with “Black hat SEO.”
    Black hat SEO is an illegal technique to improve page ranking.
    Now, what happens is that google ban those websites by tracking their activities(unethical).
    But, there are ways to fool even google and continue with black hat SEO.
    Many are doing that.
    I’ve got a blog in draft about LinkedIn. It’s a harsh reality(with user’s true experience). Will publish it by the end of the next month.

    Thanks for your views, Lokesh.
    Have a good day.

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  16. Actually, I was referring to the giant sites. For example, Amazon, Wikipedia and google itself.

    But as you mentioned Black Hate SEO, above mentioned sites serves a big purpose.

    Small websites still struggle to improve their ranks. In the digital world –

    “Nothing is greater than a potential idea and courage to transform it into a goldmine of content.”

    Lifehack, Lifehacker, Huffpost, Hiffington post, Britannica are such examples.

    Netflix and Amzon Prime Video running the video content. YouTube is the centre of the whole internet. ( I use YouTube a lot than any other platform).

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  17. Small websites struggle coz they are uhh, small/beginner.
    Only an exceptional idea will be listed to the top.
    And, the harsh truth is that only 2/100 accomplish that transformation.

    Sometimes, I feel tired of all of this. There’s too much to learn.
    One day I’ll just sell my product at gunpoint… lol

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  18. Yip, that is. But, that doesn’t mean that we stop caring at all. We gotta do what we gotta do in order to protect ourselves.
    Thanks for your appreciation & aologies for late reply. Somehow your comment was in spam section.

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  19. It’s really a bad time for people all over the world with their data lying in the hands of the biggest companies on one hand and with hackers on the other, with both benefitting immensely. I think the lack of awareness, as well as the carelessness of people are the reasons for this problem. We need to do more on our part, and the companies need to be held liable for misusing our data.

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  20. First of all, I’m impressed by your view. You mentioned the same thing which I’ve tried to provide everyone.
    Companies holding our data, privacy is a myth & similar to that statements are true. But,
    “”we need to do more on our part”” ~ That’s what people need to understand.
    We can’t just escape our way by saying that, “what could possibly happen to me?”

    Thanks, Harsh.
    Appreciate your views.
    Hope you find this post helpful.
    Have a good day ahead.


  21. I think it’s important that one more selectively signs up for only those news &social media outlets that they can efficiently handle. Monitoring Word Press alone for privacy issue violations can be a challenging task


  22. Indeed!
    However, convincing people to use only those social apps which they can handle too is a hectic task. WordPress has enhanced security features this year. Let’s hope for the best.


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