Rich thoughts & Poor arguments. (wanted to share something & found this in the draft)

Lawyer & Thief: The only difference between both of them is that one doesn’t know the law enough & becomes a criminal & one knows the law too much to prove that his client is not a criminal. (Not in every case though) But, stepping up for the family is most important even if you know that your side is wrong. Those who don’t, are the ones that society needs the most.

Automation & Awkwardness: Tic-Tok crossed 1 billion downloads on the google play store last year & you’re still wondering why Artificial intelligence confused bald heads with football. I can assure you one thing, Artificial intelligence will commit su..icide if we put too many emotions within. 

Refrigerator & Life: I don’t know but if oxygen is mandatory for a human to live then so is the refrigerator. Most of us open it even after knowing that there isn’t any food left or there isn’t any fav. food of yours is available. Sometimes I want to feel that cool air that refreshes many of my memories. What’s your come-on fridge?

Television & Remote: No matter how interesting or favorite that TV show or movie is for me, if the remote isn’t in my hand then life seems a bit empty. The TV remote is a sensible part of our lives. It gives us protection & assures us that no one in this world can change the channel. It’s not your TV show/movie that you love, it’s the remote. 

Eggs & Park: You already are in heaven if you’ve got a park in front of your house and your family allows you to cook the egg. It might sound awkward but, with eggs, you can make thousands of combinations of dishes without getting worried about breakfast, lunch & dinner. 

Our perception…beats.

With a park in front of your house, you already hold a private space for many many things. 

Unfortunately, my family is vegetarian & we don’t have a park in front of our house. We’re still rich.

Love & Opposite Gender: “It’s just a chemical reaction(apologies to offend)” 

Absurdity & Hope: I don’t expect everyone to know about the societal void. It is somehow poisonous & true. But, people suffering from absurdism must remember..ya know.

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  1. Or you might just commit a crime, seek a willing lawyer and pursue a pardon from the President for your transgressions. In that case , the lawyer doesn’t have to prove anything.

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