Victim of advertisements:::=

Well uhh, is there anything you people don’t know regarding advertisement? 

Guess not. But! Let me present some awkward instances. 

1. Wrong timing:- You’re studying from your laptop. A website is providing you the info related to your studies. Your parents know that you’re studying. The moment they enter your room, an ugly(sexual, cartoon, violent, etc.) advertisement pops up.

You’re frozen! How on earth will you explain that it isn’t your fault?

2. Craving of product:- Your monthly salary is below par. You’re unable to pay your student loan on the due date. Your landlord threatens you for rent. Even still you’re keeping your eyes on I-phone 13 pro max. I won’t blame you. I’ll blame the beauty of advertisement. 

3. Ugly children:- You can’t keep your children away from advertisements. The moment he/she watches PS-5 will be the moment you’ve to use your credit card. If you are lucky then they won’t ask for new parents. Then again, who knows if one day your child along with an NGO pamphlet asks you to adopt that dog. (Same dog who bite you 2 years ago).

I don’t know the description.

4. Spoiled Moments:– You’re listening to romantic songs on Alexa. Candlelight dinner is ready. Your partner is ready. The moment of lip-lock is getting closer & closer….& closer.. and damn it! Advertisement. Rap song ads playing… Wait for what?? Yes! “You forgot to pay the monthly bill of Spotify” uttered Alexa. Everything is ruined.

5. Robots & ads:-  How do you think upcoming robots will react after watching an advertisement? The robot will analyze, calculate & will inspect the probable profit: loss ratio before buying. 

They’re robots not “dumbots” like homo sapiens. 

6. Ad-Life:- You’re at gunpoint. Kidnappers call at your home. Guess what? The advertisement appears in the mp3 form. “Would you like to buy some cocoa?”

Yeah! “One day we’ve to listen/watch to an advertisement before calling someone”

At last:- I think the difference between unethical and ethical advertising is that Unethical advertising uses falsehoods to deceive the public; ethical advertising uses truth to deceive the public. (Not “I” someone else)

“Public will be deceived at all cost” ~~ It’s part of the job. Ehh?

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  1. Hehe, I have been a victim of wrong timing advertisement so often.
    Just about everyone has experienced one of these, it ALWAYS happens.😅💔
    Nice one, Tanishq.

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  2. That first one. Happened to me when I was in school and looking for answers online and my mum walked in just when a website decided to show a raunchy ad. So so so embarrassing.

    The last one reminds me of the COVID alert that comes on before every call. So many times I have wanted to get through to someone ASAP but that dn alert (which hasn’t been updated in MONTHS).

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  3. I was lucky or I think I knew how to prevent them from the very beginning.
    Covid alert is definitely awful. Many says that, in order to bypass ringtone press 1 or do this/that etc… still it won’t work. That’s why I try to make WhatsApp/Signal calls often.
    Thanks for passing by.
    Have a good day ahead.


  4. I think almost everyone would have encountered this in one form or another. The covid announcement drives me nuts especially if I’m a hurry to call someone and the ad just won’t stop.

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  5. Ads are annoying. But they’re worst if they pop up into the middle of something imp.
    At least vaccinated people should be relieved from these.

    Have a good day, Shweta.


  6. Not always here in the usa or older India. The usa has been charitable many years back. Modernization and technologies have driven men into senselessness.

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  7. If I say “why are you crying” then we both know what it’ll represent.
    if I utter “It doesn’t matter” then we both know what it’ll represent.

    I should’ve been careful with the choice of words. By “ugly” – I meant the “children” who get you in trouble.

    I’m good. 😀

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  8. Tanishq, your posts are always so humorous and informative. Advertising is the work of marketing devils. Enticing the public to buy what they really don’t need.
    “I think the difference between unethical and ethical advertising is that Unethical advertising uses falsehoods to deceive the public; ethical advertising uses truth to deceive the public. (Not “I” someone else)”
    I really like how you say this.
    Ads are relentless and a pain.
    But then products also need to be heard. 🙂

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  9. There are some other aspects to this view of mine. They can wait.
    For this, I’ll say “limit” is the key to control & being rescued from ads.
    It’s up to us to classify what’s useful & what’s not.

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  10. The robot will analyze, calculate & will inspect the probable profit: loss ratio before buying 👍 human? Robots know very well about human 🙂 great thoughts Abhi.

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  11. Actually now it’s the time of advertisement. Sometimes it becomes painful like covid alert but some are really useful. Well shared 👌😊 thank you 🙂☺️😊🌷

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  12. Nice one, we will soon have subscription mode for every digital interaction we have today and our kids will be busy waiting for Skip Ads button to appear or Swiping our cards often.

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  13. They’re robots not “dumbots” like homo sapiens.
    Lol, roasting us unsympathetically, are you! 😜
    But I’m afraid you’re so right.
    I’ve been a victim of wrong timing a good many times.
    Truly enjoined this post, my friend!

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  14. Haha true that. Kids! too much impatient. Harsh reality is that what you said will happen, no matter what. There’s no stopping this.

    Thanks for your valuable time & my sincerest apologies for replying late.

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  15. Indeed!
    There’s a browser called “brave” which blocks ad & is pretty fast. You can try.

    Thanks for passing by pooja. Apologies for replying late. Wasn’t around here much.
    Have a good day.

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