Revelation Of Excessive Information.

Just because the human brain can store up to 2.5 million gigabytes of digital information doesn’t mean that you’ll crave every single available one.  We inhale quite a decent amount of information. The easy availability of the Internet has made it easy to acquire every info regarding many-many things. Now, there’s nothing wrong but actually, there is. 

Don’t take this route.

Many of you will be too young to recall, but there was a time, if you wanted to find a book, for instance, you went to this place called a Library. And you searched in this priceless artifact — a thing called a card catalog. The card catalog gave you a number that was assigned to the book. As of now, you’ve wiki, search engines, Goodreads, online free info, apps, etc.  Tell me honestly, aren’t you often puzzled as to which platform’s information will suffice to proceed with my task? Not to mention the “Premium services” that claim to provide the best of assistance.

There’s another example, do you stream movies tv-series? Of course, you do. 

In the year 2010, you could easily count the number of streaming video services on one hand & no of tv shows & movies were less. It’s not so easy now. Hulu, The CW, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and Apple TV are just a few examples of big-name streaming services. If you count the no of shows, you can’t. 

Don’t take this route.

Every time you open Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, or any other platform you’re exposed to different information which reduces the effect of the imp. info you shouldn’t forget. (Can’t describe. I ain’t a biology student) But, I’m sure there’s a mental effect for sure.

There are so many emails, passwords for various apps, platforms, bank accounts, and so on.
There are a lot of documents, both offline and online. There are a lot of domain names, usernames, and other things. There are far too many options for far too many simple chores. There are far too many recipes available.

At the end of the day, you’re not walking through a park packed with 100 AQI air; instead, you’re reading disputes in the Instagram comment area. Please do not do so. (It’s interesting to read arguments. haha.)

Alexa reminder, google reminder, Siri reminder & alarm are working like pros & you’re just a storage device feeding on senseless, useful, etc info. Limit your consumption just like C2H5OH.

People today are in danger of drowning in information; but, because they have been taught that information is useful, they are more willing to drown than they need be. If they could handle information, they would not have to drown at all.

Solution: I don’t have one of mine. Meanwhile, try this:

“In the Information Age, the first step to sanity is FILTERING. Filter the information: extract for knowledge.

Filter first for substance. Filter second for significance. These filters protect against advertising.

Filter third for reliability. This filter protects against politicians. 

Filter fourth for completeness. This filter protects against the media.”

― Marc Stiegler, Davids Sling

I wanted to add some more examples but, it’s 1:51 am in the middle east & I’ve gotta go somewhere today. SUP, sleep time(not before eating cheese cubes).

Thank you. 

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  1. Considering the amount of data we interact on daily basis, It’s good to say that filtering it from media, politics & advertisement is our best option.
    That’s some profound post.

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  2. I suppose there’s a difference between swimming in a pool, river & an ocean.
    Let alone expert swimmers, even ships get drowned in the ocean hurricanes.
    Here, excessive information is the hurricane.
    Filtering/avoiding it to an extent or our limit is the best what we can do.
    Always good to have your thoughts. 😊
    Have a good day ahead.

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  3. Thank you for further clarifying swimming and the locations.
    Now a days ‘filters’ too have become inefficient due to heavy stuff pounding us mercilessly…courtesy social media.
    Either they are (Filters) getting clogged frequently (thanks to our in efficiency in deciding which is true or fake) or our filtering technique is outdated due to stress syndrome affecting our brains.
    Nice to chat with you my friend.

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  4. I am old enough to remember libraries as the primary source of info. I also predate Google (which horrified my kids 🙂 ) We are so inundated and saturated with info these days, it makes me miss the simpler times.

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  5. Drowning is the correct word. There’s too much information and it’s hard to gauge the authenticity or measure the reliability or even verify the quality factor. Just a lot of dumping without any clean ups afterwards. I think just take what you need and move on. Great post, Tanishq.

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  6. In past one month I created more than 3 social media accounts for my college work and i can totally relate. There is a difference between info. and knowledge and that filtering is absolutely important.

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  7. And I’m old enough to remember watching libraries being replaced by google books & then various applications. Generally, grasping as much knowledge & various information is good to upgrade our decision making but nowadays, there are unnecessary solutions & explanation to even simple problems. Everyone has their own theory on what to do or not.
    I just wanted to minimize that.
    Thanks for your time. Have a good day ahead.

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  8. Yes! “authenticity” is the keyword here. I know some individuals as both friends & strangers who spend time reading various social media posts & gulp that info without any verification. Some individuals also read Instagram comments & FB comments which surely confuses their ability to come up with a single decision.
    Information, in particular, isn’t harmful. It’s just one should’ve got the ability to adapt what’s useful & dump what’s useless without being influenced by it.
    Have a good day, Terveen.

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  9. It sure is. I suppose many universities are relying on platforms like discord & slack.
    This particular blog of mine is an information & the filtering term applies to this too.
    Have a good day ahead.

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  10. I have two solutions —
    1. Limit online presence
    2. Reduce online time consumption

    It’s a good post. Thank you for raising the issue, Tanishq.🙂

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  11. Limited presence is just an illusion. With the virtual world & metaverse in the queue, it’s highly doubtful that the average screen time of this generation will decrease.
    One more thing, let’s say that an individual comes up with a solution, chances are, either it’ll be unaffordable or complex enough to be implemented.
    Convincing any individual to reduce their online presence/consumption is as same as asking them to wear masks.
    These are times when being positive is quite tough to handle & solutions to various issues seem elusive.
    Thanks for your appreciation, Lokesh.
    Have a good day ahead.

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  12. Internet is based on an individual. If he or she can’t satisfy it’ll be a challenge for service providers.

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  13. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    Human beings are inundated and this is an off-balance scenario! AI is coming on strong and will be mankind’s Achilles heel bringing on its own demise; were not designed or meant to be machines or devices for storing or anything of the kind!

    I just had this to say to someone that pointed out a fine bit of truth!

    My Friend over the ages this great point you bring to light, which I’m sure most people are not even cognizant of in their deluded and brainwashed condition totally focused on triviality, mindless television and cyberspace; these were called mercenaries brought out to fight for one side or the other!

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  14. At first I was apprehensive that I would be able to read an article of this length. Your style of writing was fascinating. Your content was outstanding. Great Article Neil. Though I had read the article a few days back, I didn’t make a comment. However, I believed that it was worthy of a thank-you. I’ll be using some of these suggestions on my own websites very soon.


  15. Congrats. Your blog has the exact same cover page format as mine. It’s straightforward and leaves out the extravagant visual fluff. That seems to be the focus of your postings about our technology world today.

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  16. That’s a brilliant four step process for evaluating use of electronic communication today. One main Lesson No one gives you something that sounds too good for free

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