WHat’s up with reddit?

I’ve dabbled in a variety of community platforms. Tumbler, Reddit, Quora, Discord, and other social media platforms are available. Every platform performs admirably in a variety of ways. I’m sure everyone who reads this knows something about these.
One platform that fiercely grabbed my attention is “REDDIT”
It’s a hub of reader information that other individuals can upvote or downvote. Subreddits are the platform’s communities (or forums) that cover a near unlimited number of topics.

red and white 8 logo
necessary evil…

These topics can range from common subjects, such as politics, sports, lifestyles, philosophy, religion, pornography, ghosts, spirits to weird things (such as rabbit pie, for instance). Users can post textual posts, hyperlinks to news and other content, videos, and photographs that are relevant to the subreddit they are in.
Reddit is like a newly married couple who feeds on perfection every while.

There are a lot of forums that contain forbidden info & dark web secrets too.
On Reddit, spamming is heavily discouraged, and users who are accused of spamming can be banned immediately. Even worse, if there is proof of spamming or behaviors that violate the site’s rules of service, entire domains may be banned from participating on Reddit.

person holding black samsung android smartphone

One more thing, Reddit users don’t love spoilers. They’ll crush you by their comments & will drain the soul(if any) within. Be careful.
Some of the famous & most subscribed communities of Reddit are /r/announcements, /r/AskReddit & /r/funny. These are there since the launch of Reddit (2 months top).

The thing is that Reddit has become a hell of a hatred platform. Let say you posted something in any community. There is a 60% of chance that one or more comments will try to roast or insult you. Those people want no one above them. Their existence is based on applying friction to someone else’s happiness. You must be wondering if there are so many strict rules then what’s the real deal?
“Reddit Allows Hate Speech to Flourish in Its Global Forums, Moderators Say”
That’s the thing. Any mod/admin doesn’t give a shit. It’s all part of the plan since the very beginning.
To any objection, I would just point out that Reddit allows completely sexually explicit stuff on its site, not to add that “commit suicide” is the polite version of some people’s counsel.
There’s another community called /r/roastme where an individual put their image with a clip of paper written “roast me” & age. See for yourself::

that’s the one & there are bunch of people doing this… it’s not about choice or my decision when others are affected.

Not saying that there aren’t any useful communities but users (especially adults) are more prone to hate.
User wise stats are:
2013 -70 million
2014 -85 million
2015 -120 million
2016 -170 million
2017 -250 million
2018 -330 million
2019 -430 million …..
It’s simply a matter of how you approach a platform. And no, I’m not disagreeing that every user’s background should be taken into account. It certainly varies, but we should at the very least be cautious. There’s a lot of information on Reddit, so utilize it wisely.
If you’re a Reddit user, though, you can connect with me. The URL is provided below.
I’m a well-known figure in the community. Haha.

It was just an overview. Hope everyone’s doing good.

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  1. This is one of the complete truth about reddit I’ve interacted on a while. I used reddit months ago & I must say that some communities are so rude. However, I think that roasting posts are limited to single person & doesn’t affect others.
    Great post!

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  2. Hate comments and trolling has become the bane of social media. Just a few days back I was telling my sister about how on my brand page on IG random people feel the need to leave comments like the content doesn’t make sense and that I have poor marketing skills. If you think that – just don’t engage. Why engage and spread hate? People feel the need to share their opinion on everything and someone needs to tell them that no one cares about their damn opinion. Sorry for the rant. 🙈
    I haven’t ever used reddit but I’ve seen ss of reddit posts and they always look interesting.

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  3. I appreciate your views, Sejal. It’s worry some that you faced something like that.
    And about that roasting thing, my views differ. I’ve already stated in my blog that people who ask to roast & those who roast creates a bad impact towards other viewers. It’s not limited to community but whole society.
    Thanks for putting up your views.


  4. I’ve never tried Reddit. After reading this, I’m okay with staying away. Haha! I think hate spreads so easily and many are just waiting to make a show of it. Whatever gives people kicks and something to feel good about (warped perceptions). I would tell them to keep their ugliness to themselves. Does anyone really care? But some people I know are doing really well on Reddit. So it’s all about the experience. Great post! 🙂

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  5. Sorry to hear that. I feel that suggestions/advice are limited to personal choice. If I want to suggest something to someone then I won’t do it on their public comment section. That’s why we’ve DMs. However, you should get used to these things as you’re doing business via utilizing social platforms. If someone’s barking, let them. (I’ve seen almost every post & didn’t find a single flaw)
    Yes, Reddit is interesting. As I stated before, there’s too much to learn if you join decent community. One will find many ideas/experience much filtered & detailed on reddit as compared to other platforms like Quora & stack exchange.
    You should give it a try. I’m sure it’ll be helpful for your business.


  6. Oh my too many platforms and this sounds horrible:

    “ Reddit has become a hell of a hatred platform. Let say you posted something in any community. There is a 60% of chance that one or more comments will try to roast or insult you. Those people want no one above them”

    Thanks for letting us know!

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  7. I’m not judging those individuals who put their image & asking the community to roast them. It’s their personal choice. I’m worried about an eleven-year-old kid who will be affected by this if they mistakenly join it.
    I’m not denying the possibility that people are doing good. There are various communities through which you can learn many many things. And the reason I chose Reddit bcoz it’s a profound platform compared to others.
    Anyways, I’m happy for those doing well. There’s so much one can learn from Reddit.

    One more thing, I’ve corrected the word you misspelled😝(kidding).
    Have a good day.

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  8. Your future seems profound & filled with happiness ~ Astrologer Tanishq.
    It’s not about having a reddit account or not. No big deal. It’s about utilizing it.
    Hope you’re doing good. Have a good day.

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  9. Then again, I’m not saying that it is horrible. Some of its part became horrible. Moderators are doing nothing to improve that. Rest you know about roasting community.
    Have a good day, Cindy.

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  10. Getting away is okay but not part of the solution. Reddit is so many things at once. Learning is the key. All we gotta do is to keep ourselves away from bad communities.
    Have a good day, Shivani. Super excited for your next post.

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  11. Haha! Well you definitely got the anxious me thinking…which word was that?! And you’re so right. It’s the young ones with impressionable minds who suffer the most. I wish there wasn’t so much exposure, but time cannot be turned back. And I’m not sure how much parental authority matters. Thanks for giving such thoughts a voice. 🙂

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  12. Funny, I’ve wondered about this too. Alot of what people say to be “funny” or “savage” is just plain offense. I wish some administrator would regulate that.

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  13. A lot of different people carries a lot of different opinions. We should give our best to not to post something which’ll affect teenagers.
    Administrator plays a huge role to control offensive users but sometimes they actually don’t.
    Hope you’re doing good, Joanne. Happy Year!

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  14. I use the Reddit app for book recommendations and have found amazing reads. May be it is good to play blind when internalizing the required data and use it wisely!?

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  15. I believe our thoughts are a little jumbled up about different aspects of various information. I attempted to shed some light on the reality that such filthy communities had so many members, including teenagers. That is the problem. You must be aware of the uhh mental brainwashing techniques, etc. No platform is completely bad or good. It depends on the individual.
    Although your experience was positive, this does not imply that everything is in order.
    The major goal of this post was to show how “bad” things look so that people can avoid them and warn others about them.
    I appreciate your thoughts😄. Hope you’re doing good. Have a good day ahead.

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  16. There will always be neutrality when dealing with technology stuffs, perhaps, depends on the perception of the mind as the saying goes ignorance is bliss. Between thank you for your insights. I am doing good. Be safe and take care.

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  17. I am not on Reddit but after learning about your experiences, I can only say that Some people feel entitled to spoil others’ day n mood only..Can’t do much about it else than spreading awareness about it..Thank you for writing this.. 🙂

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  18. I created a subreddit on Reddit and now I couldn’t even post on it. I was like wait a I’m the moderator and creator. After many attempts I finally gave up. I think somebody jacked my subreddit. Well they can have it. Lol! ✌️


  19. Ah!! Well for me the Reddit app is just boring and bizarre to use, I once used it hoping it will make it easier for me to launch my website but it didn’t😂. I ended up uninstalling the thing. Anyways, well written blog here

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