Hey, folks. It’s twenty ’22. ~ Tanishq.

Very warm welcome everyone. This is Tanishq Abhi Gupta. Hope you & your family are enjoying the new year beginning as much as an 8-year-old kid. I wish every one of you all health & happiness.

The past year was a roller coaster ride. At least for me. I Uh created various blogs which were loved & appreciated by many of you. I tried to convince people about several Internet issues such as privacy, tech, approach towards Internet along with real-world problems. I’m convinced that many of you have been benefitted from these.

gray ballpoint pen on top of white book
H. 2022.

It was March 2021 when I realized that I need to present a diff. the approach in my blogging to reach a wider audience & I’m extremely grateful that it worked.
I’ve interacted with numerous blogging individuals within the past year & have learned a lot.
I’ve cooked mistakes, sandwiches, friendship & trust. For the mistakes, I can proudly say that I’ve resolved each & every one of them (Haha).

Unfortunately, I lost someone. An Important member of my family. It was my aunt who passed away last year in the month of November at a very young age. This was pretty much the reason for me being not active & interacting with your posts.
Some people may think that “Tanishq” is a confident & tough individual (by looking at my Instagram stories) but only I understand the burden of philosophy.
Humans have exaggerated everything. We have taken the joys of life and coated them with layers and layers of pessimistic outcomes out of fear.
Well, it was quite Haha..not my type of blog category sort of thing.
Anyways, wishing everyone loads of sweets, cryptos, happiness & NFTs.

Every suggestion is a new challenge. #Wearmask & stay alive.

39 thoughts on “Hey, folks. It’s twenty ’22. ~ Tanishq.

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  1. Happy New Year Tanishq 💜 I’m sorry to hear about your aunty 😥
    Keep up the great work, it’s been a joy to watch you grow in this space over the last year!

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  2. Happy New Year, Tanishq. Have a great one. Stay true to your heart and your ideals and principles. I’m sorry for the loss of your aunt. Life can be downright hard at times. May positivity and optimism be your daily cup of inspiration. Take care. 🙂

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  3. Hey Tanishq, I believe last two year was not good for entire world as I can literally feel your word. Gone through the same, Have seen the worst and then totally distracted from everything that’s why I have also not so active for some months. I have missed many brilliant post and I am looking forward to read them.

    I am sorry for your loss and all I wish health and happiness for new year 😊

    Stay safe !

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  4. Sorry to hear about your lost and wish you all a healthy and safe new year. It is not easy to lose someone that one is close to, and I know that feeling.

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