Hodling the false dip.

If you’re able to see this post in your WP reader then I still am worthy. HeHe. So, there’s a lot to talk about but, we’ll keep it short (I’ll). 

Currently, there is a hype going around which is defined as “INVEST” 

You guys already know there are two major places to lose your hard-earned money. 1]- Stock market. 2]-Crypto market. 3]-Gambling market. 4]- Vegetable market 

Now, arguments by individuals:  

1- You don’t know shit about any of these.  

2- Proper study of trends & graphs will push you towards profit.  

3- Risk management should be good.  

4- Long-time investment is 99% profitable

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ahhh duhh..

I ain’t saying that these things are wrong. I’m saying that how many people follow these norms?  

The common person knows only one thing: I invest. Price goes up. I withdraw. ~~The shocking reality.  

People don’t know how the flow of money works. I come from an IT background. It wasn’t easy for me to grasp these all-investment things. It has been 8 months since I stepped into the crypto & stock market but trust me, I still know only 5% of how things work.  

Crypto is okay. We’ve been inside bull run for one year. However, people like Elon muskoo can change the game with one tweet.  

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so trueeee🥲🥲

The trend is your friend – until it stabs you in the back with a chopstick.

A common man does not know which stock to purchase. the stock they purchases may rise or fall without their notice. it is the gamblers who play the market mostly. Foreign investors take care and rumors play more role. 

People with much catastrophic power are controlling the flow of the bull & bear market.  

Money flow is a technical indicator used to assess the future movement of prices based on demand and supply. Insider trading plays a damn huge role in it.  

There are tons of ads regarding various crypto exchanges. Influencers have been asked to grasp the attention of the majority to increase the no of users.  

33+ Best Stock Market Memes That Will Make Your Day cover
hodl is trueeeeeeeee

Look, you can get various info regarding best future stock, best future crypto & blah many other things but chances of that information being verified & trustworthy will be less than a percent. 

I’m quite lazy to present stats before you but the only advice I’m giving you is: “Only invest the money you can afford to lose”:: “Give at least 2 hours to go through trends, graphs, etc if you’re investing”:: Try not to invest in a newly listed coin or company as it has more chances of being ***ducked.  

The key is to develop a case where the probability of the market going in your favor is greater than it going against you : Adam Harris

Hope you enjoyed this post at least a bit coz I’m writing it with a non-moody brain along with mosquitoes accompanying me.

Every suggestion is a new challenge. #Wearmask & stay alive.

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  1. I stay away from such investments, as I feel there’s a lot I don’t understand and too much fine print to read. There’s no such thing as sudden profits and if you have different experience, then you’re just too damn lucky. Thanks for sharing this humorous but informative post, Tanishq. The memes are hilarious! 🙂

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  2. This is brilliant one Abhi, excellently expressed article with an awesome additions of Individuals conversation. Really important topic and very useful info… thanx for sharing. Hope you are doing good 😇

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  3. Thanks for your appreciation, suma.
    I always try to make it as simple as possible for my readers. Even if a single person gets benifit from this post, that too will be enough for me.

    I’m doing good. What about you?


  4. Yes! Staying away surely is the best way if one can’t spend much time going through stats & trend.
    Currently, crypto market is all red & all those who predicted ATH for various coins are grounded.

    It’s about not going blindly for any of these.
    Thanks for precious view.
    Have a good time ahead.

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  5. Investment of all types is a bad habit in itself . But I personally feel that Investment in the field of Vegetables Marketing is the most profitable business in this world . If you use modern tools and techniques in the Vegetables business , it would be much more lucrative than that of the Investment in the share market and even in the crypto currency . Because nobody knows the price of Vegetables , as nobody knows the cost of growing vegetables . If you are a wholesaler in this business you have not to look back at all . You can make a big mattress of money undoubtedly . However , you are right when you have enumerated four areas where one can loose one’s hard-earned money . But I personally feel and think as a consumer of Vegetables your apprehension may be right but as businessman of Vegetables , it appears to be inapplicable . Thanks !


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  7. Beautiful post, but I don’t understand where to invest I think the risk factors always work in the share market and cryptocurrency is not well known to all. Well shared thanks 💓🤗🎉


  8. First of all, I’m thankful for your time.
    TBH, I’ve never studied about vegetables marketing investment. It’s a completely new thing for me. I don’t know the methods & I’ll search towards it for sure.
    Cost of growing vegetables involves many aspect such as, weather & current gov. policies.
    One cannot feel the outcome until unless they’ve insert the input themselves.
    Thanks for sharing your views, Arbind.
    I wish you a very happy new year along with all health & happiness.
    Best wishes, Tanishq.


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