The checkpoint of “concern”

I made security concern,
that no one could guess.

It’s long and interesting but, truly irritating.

It has random facts
that’ll puzzle your brain,
with dozens of complaints.
block of concern
My concern is perfect,
& completely mature,
no one will differ from it;
of that I am sure.

It’s flawless and understandable.
I don’t have a doubt.
But, whoops! People find it a joke
and now I’m shocked.

Yesterday, the need for security concerns seemed far away. Today, they believe in yesterday.

Thank you. 

“I was away for like 15 days. Sem. Exams” Back with a… Wishing everyone good health & 99% energy.

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24 thoughts on “The checkpoint of “concern”

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  1. Welcome back Abhi, good to see you fully energetic 😅 hope you have given best in 3xams. For sure you were in our thoughts. I got your point on below facts 💯 😒👍

    Yesterday, the need for security concerns seemed far away. Today, they believe in yesterday.

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  2. “Yesterday, the need for security concerns seemed far away. Today, they believe in yesterday.”

    Clever writing. 🙂

    Yes, security is a major concern. With time many have learned.
    Wish you well and hope your results are what you are expecting.

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  3. I have a question Tanishq – You republish a post. Don’t it cause duplicate content? (which is a big problem).

    * Date in the URL changes when you republish it.

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  4. Most of the people I know here(this platform) do that.
    Everyone is aware of its uses.
    Duplicate content? I don’t think so. Whenever I republish a post, its date & time change.
    I’ll declare it as duplicate when a single post will appear with the same date & time which isn’t the case I’ve encountered yet.

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  5. It’s okay on wordpress. You should check ‘Search console’.

    I faced the issue of duplicate content. If you publish a post 3 times, a single post will have 3 urls. Also, every post have an ‘amp’ version. You’ll create total 6 different urls for a single post.

    Remove date from your permalink.

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  6. What a righteous thought on such a provoking concern which ultimately makes us wonder if any of our information is confidential anymore. Thanks for writing Abhi 🌸

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  7. I was doing a routine check of un-replied(un-intentionally of-course) comments & found yours.
    TBH, month of November & December were quite tough for me in many ways.
    Anyways, thanks for your appreciation. Hope you’re doing good. 😊

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