Features I would like WordPress to have.

Scroll as much as you want but, it’ll take you at the slightest 3.3 min on average to discover that perfect blog you just refreshed mistakenly.

I uhh truly am not gonna take much of your time but 3 min.

Sometimes, WordPress glitches like an infant. And we can’t do nada about that. So, I looked around, discover glitches & included a few extra highlights into my TODO list which I would like Developers to work on.

1. Being able to edit or delete the comment which I made on someone else’s blog: – You know the feeling when you mistakenly type some wrong words that you weren’t supposed to. Stuff like that happens with autocorrect. WordPress doesn’t provide us the option to edit or delete the comment which we made on someone else’s blog. It’ll be a relief if this is sorted out.

2. Introduce 24 hrs. Stories: – We’ve stories on every other platform. Look, some people might not agree with me & say that a blogging platform shouldn’t have a stories option. But think about it ~ being able to add stories in WordPress will be something that many people will encourage. Sometimes, we just want to express ourselves by a photo or mini quote. That’s where stories will be helpful.

3. USER INTERFACE OF WP ADMIN: – You talking about the WP admin panel where we can control our whole blog?  Yes! Man! It’s too complicated. Sometimes, I want to go to diff. section but it takes time to search them. Easing the user interface will be heaven’s help.

white and blue printer paper
WordPress…like it is what it is.

4. Spam: – WordPress does remove spam comments but the only one which the algorithm detects. Some people have a huge following. They’ve their comment section open to everyone. One single “duchebag” can spam with so many comments that it’ll take time to delete them. So, a feature of “Delete all the comments by this particular user will be heart touching

5. Positive comments seek spam section: – I’m a sensitive person. I feel bad when I see positive & to the topic comments in my spam section. Thing is, I mostly forget to check my spam. Yesterday, I replied to a 21-day old comment which was in spam & it felt terrible. So, it is what it is.

6. Inability to read some posts in WordPress reader: – I prefer WordPress readers to read blogs and posts. But, sometimes, the blog directly opens on the website & doesn’t show the option of “view site in reader” ~ Falls in the category of glitch.  

7. Category/Niche to follow: – I understand that we’ve tags we can follow but, a tag can be used by some other person who isn’t in our interest. So, a category will help in seek for a more interesting blog to read. WordPress app allows to follow topics but they don’t have a category.

8. Hyperlink in comments: – I know I know. We can attach the link in the comment section but it is long. Like- It contains both domain & SSL which looks unattractive. (Pardon me). The link embedded within a sentence similar to what we can do in a post will be nice.

9.Inability to see every blogger who liked your post: – If your post has more than 99 likes, then you won’t be able to see who liked your post 99th person in desktop mode. ~(It is something to look up to too.)

10. Our identity is at stake: – If you guys don’t know then listen! I mean read~ Whosoever comments on your post, their IP address will be shown in user info along with e-mail. That’s something we should worry about. Coz, with an IP address, I can get into your home. No joking.

I’m cent percent sure that there are too many other modifications or things to add up to.
So, Feel free to present yours in comment section.

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90 thoughts on “Features I would like WordPress to have.

Add yours

  1. This is an excellent post Abhi. Really all these features need some modifications or total changes
    Especially the 1. comments editibg or corrections 7. Categories as per our similar interests 9. Inability to view the blogger after 99 count met in the liking view
    10th and utmost important point really pathetic to think about it’s impact

    Hope to see these changes. Thanks for sharing such useful stuff.

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  2. You can post stories, although I’ve only ever seen the option on the mobile app.

    A hyperlink it the comments is sort of created. In the comment reader it is not, but if you to the actual comment on the actual page, it’s like it is in a text message with a still frmae of whatever it is.

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  3. I hate it when it sends authentic messages to spam. Not able to edit our comments on another blogger’s site is a disadvantage too. WP has stories but it doesn’t vanish after 24 hours and it’s available only in the app. I wish they had categories too. I hope that a WP happiness engineer comes across this post of yours

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  4. Yip. The first one is most imp. I think.
    Changes are always needed. I’ve mailed several time to WP support team.
    & We need similar features in both mobile & desktop app.
    Very welcome, Suma.
    Much appreciated.

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  5. Yeah! The option is available but it’s not for 24 hrs. It’s for forever, just like posts.

    I haven’t noticed the reader comment thing you mentioned. I’ll give it a look.
    Thanks for the heads up…
    Have a good day ahead.

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  6. Stories don’t disappear after 24 hrs. & that’s why I don’t call them stories.
    It’s more like post which they covered in box sort of thing.

    I’ve already sent a mail to support team regarding these suggestions.
    They themselves said that, we’re happy to have some suggestions and changes.

    Thanks for your views, Shweta.
    Have a good day ahead.


  7. All the points that you mentioned are very real these points are really needed to be worked upon. This post clearly reflect your observation and intellects.👏😍 Amazing post and one thing I like here is there is no dislike button what would you say on the same?

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  8. True. It’s a story post but it’s definitely different from whatsapp and Instagram stories. I hope that they will incorporate a few of your suggestions. You’re most welcome. I hope you have a great day too

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  9. Unless we want to make it Reddit(where everyone abuses their way out) there’s isn’t any need for dislikes button. It’ll create chaos & that dislike button too will be used in the wrong way.
    This is a beautiful community.
    If someone doesn’t like a particular post then they should ignore it and scroll away.
    Hope you find my view generous.
    Thanks for the appreciation, Raksha.
    You have yourself a great time ahead.


  10. Thanku so much for you views and they are amazing. I also think there is no need of dislike button coz some people if sees the slightest error magnifies it and totally ignore the good but here everyone teaches me alot and this is beautiful community indeed 😊

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  11. Likes on posts matter, not much but a tiny bit. This isn’t Instagram or Facebook. People spend their time and energy to post their blogs.
    With those marvelous stories, I’m pretty sure that you’ll soon hit triple-digit stars on your posts.
    Thanks for agreeing with my listed points.
    Much appreciated.
    Have a good day ahead.

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  12. I agree with you! I would like to see a rich text editor option in comments, too, so we don’t have to use html to make things, bold, underline, add a link, etc.

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  13. Yip. Gonna include that in TODO suggestion mail list.
    Not every person is familiar with HTML use & it’s quite time consuming.
    Thanks for your views & suggestions, Mrs. Kymber.
    Have a good day ahead.

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  14. Editing/deleting comments is such a simple ask, I can’t believe WP hasn’t introduced it yet.

    Also splitting the comments tab into replied to comments and pending replies comments. Would make life so much easier. Sometimes someone comments on an old post and if I don’t reply immediately I can’t find it without doing a lot of work.

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  15. omg I HATE when I can’t see where the next ones that liked my post after 99.. I was hoping you had an answer!!! if you find one please do tell.

    oh and erase what I wrtiten.. yes.. spam ugh. oh oh oh..

    and and and yes way too much to navigate and not easy.

    Good post and now I’m all worked up.. lol 🤣🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  16. I agree with you one hundred percent.
    Thanks for the good wishes, Tanishq. 🙂
    Your posts are always so interesting, fun, and informative. Much to learn from them.

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  17. WordPress.com is quite tangled. Being the biggest blogging platform, they should work to modify it in acc. to user convenience.
    Editing/deleting part is indeed very imp.

    “Pending comment list” is in my TODO mail suggestion too.
    Thanks for your views and suggestions, Moksha.
    Have a good day ahead.

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  18. You can watch every person who liked your post on WordPress app(Bit slow). But, desktop view doesn’t give that option. Unfortunately, I mostly use WP on laptop. So, It definitely is a big deal.
    Spammers deserve a special one day trip to Antarctica without return tickets.

    Thanks for passing by and sharing your views, Cindy.
    Have a good day ahead.

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  19. hmmmm word press app on the phone? Where would I find that? big deal for me with a lap top.
    couldn’t agree more with this
    “Spammers deserve a special one day trip to Antarctica without return tickets.”
    my pleasure..
    What is your funniest, rudest comment you’ve every gotten?

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  20. I highly doubt that you didn’t know about the WordPress app. Still, If you’re using android then you can find it on the play store. In the case of IOS then the app store.

    Funniest? It’s up to me.
    Rudest- Fortunate enough for not having that experience yet on this platform.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. oh that makes sense… I’ve never downloaded it.. so thanks I will. I Hate technology but need like we all do.
    It’s up to me? meaning you don’t want to share?
    Rudest… lucky you!!!
    I’m writing a post maybe tomorrow on funest and rudest so If anything pops up, I’d love to include it.. 💖💖

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  22. No no no…. “It’s up-to me” means that, it’s up-to me that which comment I consider as funny.
    So..it’s like you know confusing to choose one.

    However, I’ll surely search for one..

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  23. I was nodding ‘yes’ throughout this post. I just felt the comments in other blogs need an editing feature when I hit send by mistake before completing my words. I’ve also previously contacted a happiness engineer for the same.

    I too hate it when authentic comments end up in spam. Regarding the hyperlinks, we can embed it as we do it in posts. But, that has to be typed as an HTML code. Try browsing for anchor tag in HTML.

    Good post, Tanishq! Have a great day!

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  24. Yip definitely. I’ve raised this issue many times by contacting
    WordPress tech support but those people work more towards modifying their excuses rather than this issue.

    And, about the “anchor” tag thing, since most of my fellow bloggers are from a non-technical background that’s why I didn’t mention it. Like it’s really time-consuming to define separately.
    I just want a rich text keyboard(similar to Medium) in the place of the current one. It’ll be helpful for everyone. So, it was just more of a voting thing I was experimenting with.
    BTW, thanks for mentioning that.

    Much appreciated.
    Hope you have a great day too.

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  25. 🙂 I also believe that WordPress should modernize things by allowing people to delete or edit the comments that they made on other people’s blogs.

    To avoid embarrassment, I have made it a habit to proofread my comments before adding them to someone else’s comments feed.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, Tanishq.

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  26. That is true!
    Need of everyone.

    Proofreading is surely a good way to escape errors.
    Unfortunately, I’m kinda lazy when it comes to that. Anyways, just trying to improve.

    Thanks for your views, Renard.
    Have a good day too.

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  27. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this. The ones I relate to the most are the inability to delete a comment (tbh, that’s kinda wack) and 24 hour story posts.

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  28. Thanks for your appreciation.
    These are one of the most imp. changes that must be implemented.
    Your comment too was in the spam section.
    Luckily, I checked it or else…. 20 30 days without reply…

    Thanks again.
    Have a good day ahead.

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  29. I am with you on the edit or delete comments on other’s blog, the spam comments problem (both that you have mentioned), hyperlink in comments, and the IP address issue (the most important I think, I noticed this issue some time ago).
    Regarding the 24 hour stories, I am not a fan of them. It gives that social media type feeling, which I don’t think anybody needs anymore.
    About the category/niche following, in the Discover feed they do suggest topics and different sites to follow. So that may work as a category following thing.

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  30. Thanks for your valuable opinion, Harsh.
    I suppose you’ve got a lot of info regarding cybersecurity & that’s why you already knew about the IP address point.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I completely respect your point regarding 24hrs stories.
    Let’s see what changes will we get to see in the upcoming months.
    Thanks again & have a good day ahead.


  31. Yip, that’s for sure.
    I discovered these points by targeting the difficulties & security concerns I’ve had faced for 1 year.
    Thanks for your appreciation, Jahnvi.
    Have a good day ahead.


  32. I prefer a more random method to access my most active blogs like a music playlist of favorite artists on Spotify. Yet Word Press does not allow me to use that option.

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  33. I really am sorry for replying late. Sem. exams ended today & I was searching for non replied comments & found yours.
    Thanks for your appreciation. I think these features will be available in near future.
    Do have a very good week ahead.

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  34. If I ever get 99 comments, let alone more than 99, I’ll let you know how I feel. I use images and text position frequently, and it doesn’t always show what the post will look like until I preview it. Also, I tend to create my posts in MS Word and then copy and paste, so classic works much better fopr me. Unfortunately, I always have to futz around to create it that way. Perhaps, more frustrating and time consuming is the need to reformat my text once I paste it into my post. Thanks for liking and commenting on the Pen’s Might. Stay safe and well.

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