Blah blah “500 follows” blah

Just got this amazing notification.

Exceptionally thankful for 500+ follows on my blog and thought to share my bliss with you all.


I started this blog with a continuous approach last year.

At first, I published many articles related to privacy & tech. Then I realized that not many people are familiar with complicated stuff. So, I started to ease my content with humor, fun, and sarcasm.

As a tangled person, I always wanted to provide the kind of info that’ll help person of every profession in a way.

I started interacting with others in the month of March. That’s how I got some exposure.

March onwards, the growth rate of this blog is pretty decent. 

I wanted this community to enjoy my blogs rather than reading a thesis. The response is good & I hope it’ll be the same.

I figure am fortunate enough. It rather has been possible due to the continued support of numerous individuals out there and I am profoundly thankful and obliged to each one of you.

I’m not in any position to declare any blog superior or similar to that but, below are some of those blogs I found (really)2 helpful & engaging.

1-      Gottfried.~ He runs “Banter Republic” on which we’re able to access so many Humorous and wholesome posts. Every post is something new & will bring a smile on your face. ~

2-     Lifeiswhine/pooja gudka.~ Pooja is one of the top contributors to this community. Not to mention 22k+ followers. She is blogging since 2015. Her posts include a majority of lifestyletravelmental healthbeautyblogging advicesix-word storiespoetry, and inspirational posts along with other occasional posts. Got to know about so many things the moment I started following her in March’21.

3-   Happy panda/Moksha~ Moksha posts on various topics with travel as a major. One thing I like about her is the choice of topics. Everyone her post is so easy to relate with. But, that’s the only first part. Moksha runs an online store of bioproducts. Her team is focused on providing you plastic-free, biodegradable, quality products. They have worked to ensure that they are as plastic-free as possible. A very good initiative. 

4-   Trishikh. ~ If you want to live the story you’re reading then I strongly suggest you to check out. I started reading Trishikh’s blog in early Feb. If you love or want to know more about India, its people, life, culture, history, heritage, and geography, you will certainly find many of his stories very appealing.

5-     Vaaniheart ~ She writes short stories. Every one of her stories is profound & something with which we can learn a lesson. My fav~ This.

6-     SumaReddy/Bio BloggerSecrets. ,  ShwetaSuresh/myrandom-ramblings & Haoyando ~ I wasn’t fond of poetry a bit. Then I interacted with suma, Bree, Shweta & haoyando. My mindset changed & I started enjoying it. Not just that, I even penned one of my own. Shweta has also written many posts on what to do & not to about blogging including how to use diff. features.

7-     The Gondwanaland. /Lokesh ~ Lokesh writes on several motivating topics. Sharing, building, learning & contributing are top aspects of his blog. Within 6 months, he gathered around 1k+ members in this journey. Learned a lot from him.

8-     Renard. ~ Renard posts on various topics. He has written several posts on open source. Superb posts on Linux & it’s diff. versions. Apart from this, he provides blogging advice to beginner bloggers.

9-     Jay/ Movie ~ Jay posts movies reviews and her personal views. Since I’m a movie & Tv- series fan, I found her blog awesome.

I’ve definitely missed to mention many others & I really am sorry for that.


One thing I would like to share with beginner bloggers – someday, chances of getting a bad response in the form of fewer likes and comments are high.
Don’t get upset.
That’ll pass too.

~I wanted to share one other aspect of my life but, it can wait. 

I’ve others plans for our beautiful community & network which I’ll share soon. 

In case you’ve missed any of my previous post then straight your lazy back and click on the below links-

-Breaching the unconcerned info

-The “truth?” see for yourself

12 snaps, manifesting the two decades

Loved this post? Do share your thoughts!!

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 © All rights reserved with legal documentations.

Thanks again—–

Do enjoy every moment. 


123 thoughts on “Blah blah “500 follows” blah

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  1. Congratulation on your milestone many more to come. These all bloggers that you mentioned are expectionally great and sweet. Learing from all of you 👏👏👏🙏🙏

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  2. Many Congratulations Abhi, glad to see you growing n wish you many more in future. I am so thankful for mentioning me on your page. I must keep up the gratitude for your continued support as well. Much excited for your upcoming works for all of us 😇🥰

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Congratulations Tanishq!!
    Blah blah…I think not.
    It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to achieve such great goals.
    Will definitely check out the blogs you’ve mentioned. So much talent and creativity around us.
    Well done!

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  4. Congratulations on hitting 500! Here’s to many more. I’m glad that your blog is growing. Thank you so much for the mention. Also, my blog is called my random ramblings 😂😉

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  5. Tanishq, congratulations are certainly in order! I have been watching your following grow and I am so happy for you 🙂 Thank you also for your very kind mention. You already know that I enjoy reading your posts, but I’ll say it again, but it’s worth saying.

    Liked by 4 people

  6. Thanks for your appreciation, Bree.
    Your posts too are awesome & fun as I’ve already mentioned.
    You’ve been one of the best blogging fellows.
    Wishing you the very best.
    Have a good day ahead. 😄

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Cheers to this amazing milestone, Tanishq! 🤩 It’s good that you were able to tune your writing to match the tastes of the audience. Not everyone can do that!

    😂 Delete the comment… that’s a brilliant solution.

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  8. Yeah! I got the fun element. (:
    I have a different view here. Your suggestion is welcome but it works only for a very few. There are people who write only for the joy of writing, without minding to expand their audience. For them, changing the theme of writing may not be a preference. They’re quite satisfied with the people who can relate with their content. Also, such pleasing modifications require a lots of efforts and I appreciate you for successfully handling the change.

    Thanks Tanishq! I wish you a great day too. (:

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  9.! I wasn’t talking about changing the theme and tone of your writing.
    It’s not something that I encourage anyone to perform.

    The suggestion was about “Deleting the comment you don’t agree with”…..
    😄. (Sometimes, no one wants to spend there typing energy for the sake of mini argument )

    Hope I’ve made it clear now.

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  10. Congratulations!!!!! Truly well deserved. You’re doing a great job and I get to learn so much from your blog. 👏👏👏

    Thank you so much for the shout out – means a lot. 😊

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  11. I feel strongly connected with the blogger community. The way they present themselves because of the dreams or ambitions they have is brilliant. I support any initiative that can be helpful for the audience and blogger himself/herself.

    Sometimes I think WordPress is “a closed space”, bloggers don’t accept changes or improvements. They are slow. Blogger friends like you Tanishq can play the role of better relationship manager. You are open, wise and talented. That’s my learning from you.🙂

    Talking about The Gondwanaland, I started it as a “creating my own world” or a “home” for myself. I love it so much. Your favourites on The GWL are my favourites too. I wish I had done enough research on my blog name before using it as my own.

    • I’ll be writing more amazing posts.
    • I Will produce the best stories on the internet.
    • I’ll design some in-depth educational guides & tutorials.
    • I’ll share real motivation, quotes and learnings from get thinkers – In my own perspective.

    I see Gondwanaland as a tool, method, concept or idea to build the most purposeful website in the current digital era.

    Yesterday I shared this on my WhatsApp status :


    तुम तो मंज़िल की चाह में “सफ़र” को निकले थे, ऐं दोस्त !

    मंज़िल आनी होगी, आ जाएगी,
    तुमको “सफ़र” करते रहना है मेरे दोस्त।

    – लोकेश


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  12. Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation.
    WordPress is surely the best community in terms of personal space & closed discussion.

    One thing I admire about most of the people here is that everyone believes in healthy discussion compared to other platforms. People here are generous.
    They believe less in argument & more towards a conclusion.

    However, not everything is perfect. I too have encountered one or two bad situations. That’s the part where we learn.

    I too am gonna make some changes as soon as I’m free from my ongoing project task.

    I’ve already changed my blog name once. I’m gonna do it again one last time in the upcoming months. It’s something that must be unique & SEO freindly.
    Looking forward to interacting with your further posts.

    Thanks again.
    Have a good day ahead.

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  13. There are two things. WP plan & domain.
    When you buy a plan, you’ll get a domain free for 1 year.
    After that, whether you buy a WP plan or not, you’ll have to pay for the domain.

    Last year, I bought a basic plan which cost around 2.5k INR. (Domain was free)
    Basic plan validity expired a week ago. As of now, I’ve upgraded to WP premium which costs around 4kINR(More features – Google analytics, Themes, Support team, Payment collection, etc.). But, I’ve had to pay for the domain around 1k INR for the second year.

    All these features can be absolutely free if you migrate to You’ll have to develop on your own or have to hire a developer like me😜. The reason I’ve not migrated yet is that I’m already working on other projects. I’ll soon.
    Don’t have much time. It takes a lot of effort to go with But, you can have any plugin or extension you want with 50 additional features.

    I highly recommend you to go with at least a basic plan & choose a good domain.
    It places a good impact when you list your blogging website(with SSL) in your CV while applying anywhere.

    Hope it helps.

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