Resemblance of human talk & artificial intelligence.

Hey, Cortana buiytch!! play urban cradles!!
Cortana— dude, chill… be humble… I’m playing…

Alexa!! you’re excessively moderate…
Alexa replied– “sorry boss I’m attempting however, you too aren’t flash or something..”

Google assistant… yes, how may I help you?
read my emails… ask the owner.…

assistant.. is that excessively intense for you to do..? ..?

He was baffled to know that Alexa made online transaction automatically….

In the event that these were the appropriate responses, at that point the ground underneath your feet would have sneaked away.

These things (google home mini, echo dot, etc…) are somehow good. Umm what state?
Excellent for those who live all alone or uhh like solitude kinda things.

Wouldn’t it be extraordinary on the off chance that they shaped their own conclusions? (talking about assistents)
like… Cortana saying, “Trump is a real jerk or something…”
Not to mention most of the politicians are!!

Not that they(tech) aren’t developed but, not available in the market.

All of these assistantsoffering their qualities and highlights for quite a while.
I’ve seen people getting too open to them as if they were speaking to one of their family.

Alexa is good I mean yes good.
Cortanaaaaaa… I would say underrated.
And then Google assistant!! Innovative!
Every opinion count, unlike votes.

We ought to do mind kinda things… for example beneath is the rundown of what individuals asked Alexa a year ago…

1)- Q: Alexa, I’ve got 99 problems…
2)- Alexa, surely you can’t be serious?
3)- do you love me?

Try some more themes..

Individuals asking Alexa/google that I’m FEd up or.. f**ed up are the person who needs assistance, more than beggar outside your home…
I don’t think about the review however I can without a doubt express that… since past few years… we as a human …
needed to converse with somebody who might tune in.
It’s the chit chat…or whatever.

I like dots… just like echo dot… xd)–

Curiosity is something which umm replaces things…


Like, You wanna state “I love you”… to any opposite gender..(works all things considered just) in any case,

short before that, you understand you have a gadget on which you can do

some articulating practice and wallah you’re cheerful…


At the point when we state Money can’t buy happiness.. at the same moment I would say… moments like 99—99 are the ones humanity can’t buy… sort of…

BUT. big but!!

Do you think robots or assistant robots love us the same way??
Not a chance!! Ask me anyday and my answer won’t change.

white and brown human robot illustration
sophia.. too copy..

Now, some will argue that they’re all about the program. In the event that we feed well, at that point they’ll bring good.
History is the best instructor… turn a few pages and you’ll see that there have consistently been a few issues happened
related to technical error or something… which resulted in mass destruction.
Wait!! destruction might not be a good word so I’ll say umm “loss”.

We’ve got neurons(i just know the name) that performs some brain functionality, unlike the robots.
But, did any human even once said that “We’ll destroy robots”?(officially) no! bcoz we’re the creators.

When developers developed Sophia(AI robot capable of thinking way too much or creating random thoughts).. she said. “I’ll destroy humans”.
The best I remember was AI saying that we’ll keep humans in the zoo… these things may seem part of a mini joke but surely not ignorant.

So there are a lot more things to know yet for the time being – Be steady, refreshed and attempt
your things with the individuals who got common neurons.

The Body statue


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  1. Reblogged this on The God of Super Freaks and commented:
    I’m starting to like the idea of human extinction per se. It better still for artificial intelligence to rule the World keep us in StarvEars or in a Camp and rule the World.

    Listen and listen good.
    The United Nations cant stop Ethiopoa or Trump.

    To fucking help with humans.

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  2. Methinks the robot and humans are in the future and since they wash and produce for us they can as well control what we do if we dont let them be destructive. Guide us they must. Africa cant develop and the America cant be reasonable. For billions of years humans are bitching, bickering and butchering themselves calling it War. So what? Robots are controlling the World already. Let’s get used to it. Peace out!

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  3. There are two aspects of what I stated. I didn’t say that robots are destructive in every phase. I just tried to put some points regarding human interaction which is getting attracted way too much towards AI.
    And for the point that, “robots are already controlling everything”, yes they’re! but, in a governed manner organized by humans. At-least for now.
    Thanks for passing by.

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  4. Surely strange but it is real.
    A warning not to be taken lightly.
    Look, most of people who don’t belong to IT sector may find it amusing but, these are the real facts.
    Thanks for passing by.
    Have a wonderful day ahead!

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  5. AI scares me sometimes… more often when I get video recommendations on YouTube about how someone’s Alexa started laughing in the middle of night 🥶
    And even more when my Google seems to know what all things I watch on TV and recommends me news articles related to that, even though I never fed it any of the info 🥶🥶

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  6. Well uhh, Alexa laughing in the middle of the night might be some pre-scheduled thing😅.
    Google works with algorithms based on your location, search history, taste & recent activities.
    Google knows more about you than your own folks in a certain manner.
    Whereas, AI works with a tendency to replace human thoughts & decisions.
    I’ll repeat~ Most of the people who don’t belong to the IT sector may find it amusing but, these are the real facts.
    Thanks for passing by.
    Have a wonderful day ahead!

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  7. 💜 YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome SupaSoulBro and I AM Glad YOU!!! Found it “Baffling” and may be interested in the ‘Blade Runner’ movies and, of course, ‘The Terminator Franchise’ too, SHE!!! is a Child with a Wish to Stand On a Street Corner and watch The World Go By; basically it’s NOT!!! AI it’s CI (Created Intelligence) like Curious Biological Babies…in short, Synthetic Androids and Biological Androids ARE both Programmable; pretty simples yet Complex as follows:

    ℹ Approximately About 2 Minutes Reading ℹ


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    ♤ Anti-Social DisOrder
    ♤ Anxiety
    ♤ Autism
    ♤ Avoidance DisOrder
    ♤ Bipolar
    ♤ Delusion
    ♤ Depression
    ♤ Euphoria
    ♤ Manic Depression
    ♤ Moodiness
    ♤ Multiple Personality DisOrder
    ♤ Narcissism
    ♤ Neuroticism
    ♤ Paranoia
    ♤ Schizophrenia

    …then SomeThing Wonderful Occurred EveryOne; it was My CHOICE!!! to Partially Dispense (50%) with Conscious (5%) Conventional Education as a Means to CHOOSE!!! and DECIDE!!! and Turn to SubConscious (95%) Energetic Education with Fluid, Flexible Planning…so NOW!!! I AM as Happy as Larry; that’s NOT!!! To Say that I NEVER!!! Experience Negative THINKING!!! and Adverse Emotions like Rage and Grief…it is To Say that I Cope Much Better NOW!!! Enjoying The 95% Cool and Handling The 5% Crap with Grace and Aplomb; it’s My Sincere Hope that it is or WILL BE!!! The Same For YOU!!! NOW!!! or One Day In Spite of The STIGMA!!! ‘Normal’ People Associate with ‘Mad, Crazy, InSane (InSide Sanity)’ People…


    … 💛💚💙…

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