Mr. Zuckburger! The Tracking “BUG”

These tactics… uh not everyone’s cup of TEA!!.

In a real sense!!? You’re revealing to me that I was worth $55 when Mr. Zuck. Acquired WhatsApp?

That smile!

Is that the case?

Yes, they bought us, the USERS!!

There is little context to understand the policies of the signal app and WhatsApp.

The web is significantly represented by this assertion “the web is free” and everything around the web ought to be free.
On a quick short note if I ask you a simple question that, hey, I have an amazing idea that will change the course of chatting in the whole world but for that, I need you to work for me for free that too for over 2 years. Will you agree? No! (most of the case). Because you need money to survive.

Due to the idea that the web ought to be free or the web is free, that is the reason we have such a lot of discussion over security.

The vast majority of the individuals(as per my IT edu.) I know as far as can make an app similar to WhatsApp then why do you think Facebook bought WhatsApp? Do you think that their engineers were not capable enough to design an app that is WhatsApp?

Facebook didn’t buy WhatsApp it bought you and me! Users!
Why are you surprised right now or probably 8 or 7 years ago because a company that is working for profit but not charging you a single penny for their services and offering everything you for free? How do you think it is being implemented?

See $55 per user! Coz you’re the product.

WhatsApp was free and its founders were not running any sort of ADS. The cloud team was accomplishing the work appropriately alongside software engineers. Blah blah
How do you think that was going on?

On the other hand, we have a thing in our mind that everything should be free on the internet.
So if any other App will come to the competition and say that “We’ll ensure that we are not selling your information since we are earning Enough from our clients”, no one would move into such sort of application.

Indeed, might be currently…

Another thing is that people are thinking that this app or that app is using my personal
or Private data but, uh don’t worry, Nobody’s using your Private data or intriguing in it but that’s not the whole point.
The company is tracking you in a different way, let’s say—- you went on some vacation and
the vacation was on beach. You uploaded your photos as status. Now, what’ll happen is that the app will save your location & area of interest and will transfer it to some other websites(related to travel booking webApp).

Now, after some days or months that particular web app will show you offer related to traveling with a bit discount and on the off chance that you buy it, at that point job well done for the organization coz the income is generated.

These people are interested in your metadata.
And it’s not the one guy who is interested in your metadata it’s every company who is providing a free service.
it can be Facebook or Google or Microsoft anyone.
Similar to that, LinkedIn too is not a Shining Star, it also collects meta-data. Though this thing is not in
LimeLight for now. But, it will be and very soon.

Nice joke.

The case with Facebook team changing WhatsApp’s privacy handling conditions acc. to me was that, they were unable to generate target revenue with this application even after having more than 1billion users, which definitely was not the case with Google acquired YouTube.

Even though SIGNAL app is fully encrypted end to end! I can assume that the wave of “signal” app will die if we don’t donate &, to be honest, this is the actual thing that’s gonna happen…

Note point- “SIGNAL APP” CEO is Ex-WhatsApp.

Thank you for visiting.

Opinions are welcome in comment section.

Little credit for this blog goes to Mr. Hitesh chaudhary sir.

15 thoughts on “Mr. Zuckburger! The Tracking “BUG”

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  1. Well said about Zuckburger and his strategy, unh? I wonder what happens next – everyone deserts WhatsApp and switch to Signal App and start a war like the one between phone companies in the US: “switch today and we’ll pay you $200!” 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  2. That’s why I added this – “Even though the SIGNAL app is fully encrypted end to end! I can assume that the wave of the “signal” app will die if we don’t donate &, to be honest, this is the actual thing that’s gonna happen…”

    People like freebies.
    They don’t understand the technicality & strategy behind that.
    I use “signal” a bit. Wanna know for what?
    To forward, share & receive such content/chat that I want to be hidden.
    Btw, $200 is quite less to switch… nah..


  3. I’ve noticed that as my wife and I tree more around the country on our road trips, I inexplicably receive horse of travel promotions that I never signed up for.

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  4. That happen mostly when your “Location” is on within your mobile phone.
    There are certain algorithms of every company which allows them to show ads to those who just traveled somewhere new.
    Or even discussed about travelling a day before on any social app.
    Thank you, keep visiting!


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