The Conception of the negative “humor”

“Long time eh? Yet, Still insufficient for a person like you to achieve the goal”.

Well, some light humor!! (a greater amount of an affront)..

I kindaa feel off-kilter at whatever point I’ve to start my blog with-
“since past few years”, “time has been changed”,.
or “In the cutting edge world” these specific lines.
Any other option? I don’t think so…

“Humor” is somehow something that can even put
the smile on “fresh orphan”(couldn’t come up with better)

Also, to make sure you know, humor and mockery vary a ton.
Let say.. Humor is giggling with other individuals while mockery is generally chuckling at others.
As should be obvious humor has been alluded to as something “non-problematic” which I unequivocally contradict!

It normally feels great to laugh and to feel acquainted with the joke. Yet, while all comedy has a plain significance, a lot of it likewise conveys a covered up, negative message, one we may not deliberately perceive or acknowledge we are sending.

Our joking at another person’s perspective regardless of whether they are absent—sends a solid message characterizing “insiders” and “outsiders.” And on the off chance that we end up in the targeted group, such humor can undermine our ability to be self-aware worth, the duty to the association, and execution.

But, what is the base of negative humor?

The argument lies within the particular style,
which pits one individual against the other in a race to be the finest, quickest, or more intelligent. The portion of the “winning” technique is to scare, put down, or best others by reducing them and their position, conclusion, or execution

Quite fascinating? Isn’t it?.
When we mock a bunch of individuals based on religion, sexual introduction, or other characteristics, we feel predominant to them. And when others giggle at our “joke,” we feel certified and justified!

But although it may seem like harmless fun, negative humor can be emotional bullying or verbal abuse in its most vicious form—even if we aren’t the targets. Over time, it can strip us of our sensitivity, empathy, and compassion.
This vary thing above it should be stopped…

On numerous occasions, the outraged individual falls into the double bind of being insulted and after that told not to feel insulted. In truth, the counter “Can’t you take a joke?” infers that you simply are excessively delicate.

“The problem with talking is that nobody stops you from saying the wrong thing. I think life would be a lot better if it was like you’re always learning alphabets. You mess up, and your teacher just walks there and says – “start over or make it less bad”.
Think of the things you wish you could take back. You’re out somewhere with people. ‘Boy, you look gay. Are you? The helper steps in. ‘Stop it!. That’s not good at all. People, think about what you’re saying.’”
So all these things are considered.

Would you like to see some “bulshit humor ” that may lead to real outrage ?-

1_—–“People say that Steve Jobs died too soon. But I think it was a fitting metaphor for his company’s attitude to battery life.” – —


This in no way is acceptable but…


After interacting with this some guy replicate this…


what about someone who really needs help..

Another thing which I’ve noticed in a while is that,
Politicians are using humor to escape or to jump out from the real “ANS”.

And people be like wow!! he has got a sense of humor!!
But guess what buddy?
You’re being tricked! (and no treat whatsoever)
I’ve found that numerous illuminated leaders use this kind of self-deprecating humor as a way to make a secure environment to skip “truth”.

“Humor could be a valuable thing. Utilize it wisely”

As I started to draw attention to this dynamic, I wondered approximately the unintended results of negative humor.
This just isn’t the state of mind of “joke” we ought to create.

Take a look below-


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