Bit wondering about “True threat Caller!”

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A web insightnfirm named Cyble has hailed a criminal to offer Truecaller records of 4.75 Cr Indians on the Darknet Markets. The Truecaller information was sold on the dark web for a pitiful sum of fair Rs. 77,000. In spite of the fact that after the lead, the Sweden based caller recognizable proof app has clearly denied any breaches that might have happened to its database..


Cyble has too expressed that the information put up on deal on the dark web incorporates a assortment of data. They say the information are: City, Sexual orientation, Facebook ID, Versatile Numbers, and Portable Systems to be exact. The Swedish company, on the other hand, has denied certain charges and events. In this setting, the company says that the information of their users’ databases have been secured with bank-grade security. The company accepts that the terrible on-screen characters have compiled all the information and branded it with their well-known title to loan validity to it. A Truecaller representative has uncovered that they take protection and keenness of their clients and administrations exceptionally truly. They continuously screen suspicious activities.


Furthermore, he adds that they were informed about the similar data sale in May 2019. They believe it is the same dataset made in use. He says that it is easy for the malicious actors to compile diverse phone number databases and put a Truecaller stamp on it for credibility.

Cyble in a blog has written that its researchers have been able to identify a reputable seller selling 4.75 Cr Indian’s caller id data against an amount of $1000. The data is from the past year. The blog post also reveals the information put up for sale on the darknet markets. Lately, the blog post has been updated mentioning another 600 million records put up on sale.

Earlier to this, they had spotted that almost 2.9 million personal data of Indians were being sold on the dark web. All of these data were being sourced from multiple job portals. The Swedish caller id company warns people to not fall for such bad actors who primarily aim to defraud people of their money.

In a nutshell I request everyone to stop using these kinda apps & even if you’ve to

then disallow the un-necessary permissions within settings.

Have a good & safe time ahead!


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