“How about I provide you some motivation by uttering a story/context/timeline ?” said Person A to individual B.
Individual B: Can you? I’ll be very glad to hear it as I am having a tough time…

Ten! yes! 10! you sure?

On the off chance that we talk about recent years, at that point the need for words like motivation, impulsiveness, provocation & hell lot more have been added to our lives, beginning from the age gathering of 10!

Shouldn’t we spend extra time looking for tunnel?

Back then when I was 10(2010) I uhh heard things about motivation and so forth, however, that was restricted to a specific purpose in terms of homework or academic marks and not something like “I want some motivation to get that zob / comapny /org. / college”etc.

In any case, bigggggy change! as children now need motivation just to nap their alerts.

Watch various individuals around yourself & you’ll find that no one’s willing to complete their task like we used to do back in the 90s.

Even without motivation!

Sup, what’s the cause? Lack/little of motivation? ahem na na.

I happen to feel that the inverse is presumably obvious in a significant number of cases: individuals battle not from having too little motivation, yet from having excessively.


So, my views suggest that the vast majority’s battle with learning would be quick motivation to get the hang of something. Learning is difficult, playing with your tablet or watching films isn’t, in this manner, I expected getting that motivation to figure out how to be sufficiently high to overcome those interruptions would be the most widely recognized issue.

Why so?

I found the opposite was more common as people who had too much motivation—leading them to want to do too many things and finding it impossible to stick with a project until its execution.


Being Over-Motivated can Complicate things like your goal might get frustrated not because it was too onerous to sustain, but because a new interest robbed it of momentum.

When you simply let your work succeed and fail on the basis of a temporary emotion then you’ll be able to find a more acknowledged way & that will surely improve the thread of mind.


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