Uncanny truth of “The INTERNET”.


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Perhaps all of you’re familiar with the word INTERNET, aren’t you? xd).

INTERNET represents a diversity of which the 21st century is the slave.
Speaking of which how much do you know about the INTERNET? I mean except social media(hype, taboo & stalking), filling forms, games, jobs, source of news, education, shopping, etc. I suppose I’ve considered most of those things which we access on a day2day basis.
When I said, “how much do you know about the internet” you must be wondering “what is it that we don’t know?”.
There is a word called “DARK”( Ain’t talking about Netflix Dark haha) which defines something bad or I should say which human has defined bad!.
In alliance with the word ‘Dark’ & ‘web’, a group of people invented “DARK WEB”. Trust me this sentence is more sinful to utter than “Voldemort” in harry potter.
The idea of an anonymous online communications network, which is the core of what the dark web is, stretches back to the 1960s with the creation of ARPANET.

ARPANET, also known as the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, was an experimental computer network created in the 1960s that was the forerunner of the Internet and later on, the dark web.

The Internet was released to the world around 1983, quickly gaining popularity as the world began to be more and more connected.
As people began to realize that the Internet could be a one-stop-shop to get whatever they wanted whenever they wanted, it was only a matter of time until more illegal transactions started happening online.

In conversations about the history of the dark web, we cannot leave out Tor, which was instrumental in creating a home for the dark web. The discovery led Tor’s creators to begin developing a solution to Tor’s accessibility issues. In 2008, a Tor browser began to be developed, which would make Tor both easily accessible and user-friendly. Once the Tor browser was released, it was only a matter of time until more and more dark websites would begin to pop up.

The hidden wiki. Most visited site. IMG SOURCE-UTORRENT

The dark web has a sub repository called ”deep web”.
Now, why is it different from the internet?
Just like an iceberg where the majority portion is hidden similarly 99.6% of the internet is hidden in the form of dark web & deep web.
It means what we access on google or whatever search engine is just 0.4%.
Deep-web consists of — Academic info, Medical docs. , Legal docs. , Scientific reports, Personal/Private subscription info, Multilingual Databases, Financial reports, Gov. Resources, Competitor Websites, Organization specific repositories&
many many things.
While dark web comprises of — Illegal info, Drug trafficking sites, TOR-encrypted sites, political protest, private communication & much much…beyond yours or anyone imagination like- *full proof of aliens existence or *ghost stuff or uhh *murder mysteries or *gov. secrets.

Services like hitman, hackers(most common service DDOS attack) WERE also available.


Apart from the above list dark web consists of things you can’t unsee. It has every kind of horror, torture, misery, nightmare & torment.
I was following a blog on Reddit in which anonymous user wrote that there was some kind of live streaming in which they’ll tie a human or animal and on the base of a particular list they will eventually murder him/her or creature.
There was also some kinda clip of women committing suicide by cutting her nerves(for real of course).
All these havoc but, most shocking is that majority of people enjoyed this.
Truth is, the person who posted this experience on Reddit fell in some kind of trauma.
Accessing dark web involve – TOR, A GOOD VPN & some brain nerves. (Go to the wiki for more description)
Stats measured that public interest towards the dark web is all-time high with the site receiving about 50% more monthly traffic.
So, this is some ‘basic’ info about 99.6% things which many of you didn’t know until today.
Though there is much more deepness in the dark web, trust me the deeper you surf more it’ll be difficult for you to hold control! or more you’ll be in trouble as you aren’t the only one there!

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  1. @CHHAVI Glad to hear it.
    Just so you know, visitors can also send queries and suggestions through contact box inside menu.
    Have a great time ahead.

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  2. Here, on wordpress, we’re writing for beautiful readers we have. Sharing thoughts, building relationships. We should ask ourselves —

    How I can make online a better place?

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  3. Apologies Lokesh for the late reply. Your comment was on the spam list. Don’t know how did it get there.
    Making online communities or any platform a better place I think is more than just regulation.
    When we discuss “better” in the context of online then what comes to our mind? Safety, Integrity, Respect & Morals.
    Any healthy discussion should consist of every one of these.
    Furthermore, we should argue on any topic within the limits of religious sentiments coz, everyone knows that what may happen if we don’t.
    Negative humor should also be forbidden.
    If I talk about WordPress specifically then helping beginner bloggers, engaging with followers & inserting smiley emoji at the end will be wonderful. 😊

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  4. Should I call you Tanishq or Abhi?

    You have clearly answered my questions. It makes me happy when I meet & appreciate fellow bloggers.

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