Gigantic truth about “THE JOKING DIARIES”!!

I ‘ve spent quite a time watching tv series and I must say that uhh I am quite qualified to talk about “genre” and “plot” of a movie or series.

Now, I know that people have different taste and we better not compare our perspective or criticize someone’s interest but! (a big “BUT” ) there is a fine line between loving something just bcoz of someone’s influence or loving something naturally.

Moving towards the point, I am talking about ” THE VAMPIRE DIARIES”. 

Why this series is immensely popular? I ain’t saying just bcoz i didn’t like it but, youth have made it overrated.

If we talk about the contribution then, the “women” community has donated every drop of their blood to make it famous.

I just don’t know why girls like this show way tooooooooo much why???

So, I came up with my own description-

#Vampires talk about their feelings. To people, they have feelings for. And to friends. And experience these feelings intently. This can be attractive, and also relatable in terms of every girl’s life.

#Vampire talking about his girlfriend to a friend like – Elena is… Elena’s warm. And she’s… she’s kind and she’s caring and she’s selfless… and it’s real. And… honestly, when I’m around her… I completely forget what I am.

Statements like these are preferred vastly.

Moreover, it has “Diary” in the title, commonly associated with ”The Princess Diaries”, and ”The Nanny Diaries”. Sure Anne Hathaway and Scarlett Johansson have many male fans, but the number of men going to see these films, however, was probably also pretty low so, we have women as a spectator again!

At the center of the story is an ongoing love triangle between two brothers and a teenage girl. Perhaps guys don’t like the resolution to take multiple seasons (depending on ratings) when really the answer should be resolved immediately.

”The Vampire Diaries” is not the only show on the vampire block (you may have heard of’ ”Twilight” and ”True Blood”) and let’s be honest, if you were a guy and you had to watch a vampire show, you’re probably going to watch the adult version of vampire romance, not the high school version, unlike any other girl.

Stats revealed that over 40% of women who streams NetFlix have watched vampire diaries.

Every time I ask a TVD fan about the show:

girls are like “oh! Damon is sooo hot. Stefan too.” (With a huge wid smile, blushing and mentally shuffling between Damon and Stefan)

Boys be like “violence, elena, and ukw ;)”

And I be like *rolling my eyes* “is dat all??”

Sup what do you think?

The last thing I would like to say to girls reading this blog – DON’T KILL ME!! haha. 

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